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Intuitive Healing  - Intuitive Healing
intuitive healing wellness coach specializes in ancestry clearing                                                                Would You Like to:
Free yourself from self sabotage 
  Let go of negative mind chatter
Boost  your confidence
 Enhance health Lose Weight
Be rid of back and neck pain  
Overcome fears / phobias
Clear Your Ancestral DNA
Re-Pattern Limiting Beliefs

You are exactly where you are meant
to be a this moment.

Create Your Life by Design
Learn to Live in the Possibilities!

  • Would you like to learn how to be healthy, live healthy? 
  • Wellness Coaching  is for those individuals who want to heal your body naturally with alternative therapies that encompass  the whole body.  Guiding you on a journey towards healing,  envision the  life that is yours without the mind chatter.
  • Learn  to access and follow your intuitive mind for direction.
  • Have  Envision Hypnosis today for  Weight loss, quit smoking, depression, anxiety, abundance,Pain free birthing and more.

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                     Heal Your Body Naturally
                Would You like to know your Truth and let go of Dis-Ease  held in your body?

Alternative Therapies are for You if you have tried traditional therapies without lasting success.  Starting with Emotion Release Therapy your body lets go and  begins to release anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Re-Pattern Your Genetic Code
Ever wonder why you feel or carry burdens that make no sense to your life. Just as you inherit Eye color, you could be carrying more from your ancestry line then you realize.

The answer is in your genetic code or DNA , we find the answer through alternative therapies using Symbolic Envision that takes you beyond hypnosis into that place in your mind of possibilities, YOUR  Possibilities and solutions.  Once we find and release the code you are able to begin a new pattern.

We will teach you simple tools to save you thousands of dollars on supplements. You will learn to read the signs of what your body needs for the healing of depression, anxiety, stress.

  • Custom Essential Oil and Flower Essence Blends made from the finest ingredients around the world. 
  • Essential Oils  blends and singles of therapeutic grade.
  • Our Herbal Tinctures are made with care.
  •  Custom Travel Ready Roll on  Bach Flower or Essential Oils

Heal your body naturally with ancestry clearing

Book Amy to Speak, Inspire,Motivate

213 3rd Ave East
Twin Falls, Idaho

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Heal your body naturally at the wellness center


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Guiding you To Imagine a life without limits, CranioSacral Therapy, foot reflexology,
 envision hypnosis, flower essences.
True natural energy healing using Bach flower therapy, herbal and aromatherapy.
Homeopathic Remedies for every living.
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